We Help You Take Care of Your Pet

At Animal Medical Center of Rome, we pledge to provide an exceptional experience for each client and their pet. We do this by forming and maintaining a human-animal bond with your every visit to our state-of-the-art practice.

Routine visits help us determine how your pet is progressing through life. During your pet’s physical exam we perform a “nose to tail” check; we will move along your pet’s body inspecting their mouth, ears, legs, feet, skin, coat, heart, lungs, spine, rectal area, and tail checking for any abnormalities, swellings, or painful areas.

As we know, pets cannot talk and therefore often cannot tell us when something is wrong or if they are painful. We can help you recognize health issues earlier so you can enjoy a healthier pet longer. For instance, did you know that 8 out of 10 dogs have an infection in their mouth that is causing dental disease? This infection can be spread across their body and to vital organs such as their heart and kidneys. We will help you recognize health issues earlier.

Regular wellness visits are not just about finding problems, they are about keeping your pet healthy! During every visit, we will discuss ways that you can prevent diseases such as periodontal disease, arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, and diabetes from creeping into your pet’s life and shortening their life span.

We commit to caring for your pets like the family members they are by offering a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best and finding any underlying problems even if your pet isn’t showing symptoms.

We are proud to offer you the most knowledgeable staff in the area. We have a combined 100 years of veterinary experience. Our entire staff stays on the forefront of veterinary medicine by regularly attending continuing education classes and national conferences to keep abreast of the latest information and techniques. All of us are committed to providing the best most up-to-date care.

Our hospital is state of the art. Below please find some of the services we provide.

Anesthesia: We utilize the safest available anesthetics, including propofol, isoflurane, and sevoflurane to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment and the best trained dedicated staff, we extensively monitor our patient’s vital signs during all anesthetic procedures.

Behavioral Counseling: We can provide advice regarding the correction of problems such as house training, excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling, and aggression. We will provide a referral to a specialist if the issue is too complex to handle in the office.

Cutting Edge Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services: Our hospital is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your pets’ complete health care needs. We perform blood work, cytology, x-ray, ultrasound, EKG, and many other types of testing in-house, giving us the ability to offer same-day results. We also perform endoscopy and some laparoscopy.

Dentistry: Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, dental X-rays, tooth extractions, and minor oral surgery.

Dietary Counseling: We will provide guidance regarding your pet’s nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance, and performance.

Electrocardiography Services: We provide ECG services on-site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.

Emergency Care: We do not accept new patients on an after-hours emergency basis. We refer our patients to the Northwest Georgia Veterinary Emergency Center right down the street from us at 111 John Maddox Drive. Their phone number is (706) 204-8425.

Endoscopy: We are able to perform minimally invasive Endoscopic procedures to evaluate the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Individualized Flea Control Programs: We develop programs for the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation. We will review with you the best ways to control fleas in your house, in your yard, and on your pet.

Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory facilities provide for serum chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis, and parasite testing. We also utilize commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations.

Laparoscopy: Our team is able perform Laparoscopic surgery, including laparoscopic spay, organ biopsy, and lap-assisted gastropexy to name a few. Laparoscopy has great benefits such as same day discharge, faster recovery time, and smaller incisions.

Online Pharmacy: : We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products, and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of prescription diets. We obtain these medications and diets directly from the manufacturer, so there is no question about the authenticity or storage of the products.

Orthopedic Surgery: We perform a variety of orthopedic procedures including but not limited to fracture repair, Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) for treatment of cranial cruciate ligament disease, Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL) repair, and Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO).

Permanent identification: We offer microchip identification.

Prescriptions and Food Home Delivery: : We offer home delivery directly from our clinic’s veterinary medical distributor. This means that you can be sure that your medicines and food are authentic and coming directly from the companies that produce them. As you are aware counterfeit drugs and foods are an ever-increasing concern- at best they don’t work and at worst they can harm your pet. Protect your pet by buying from a trusted source and get it delivered right to your door. Easy, Convenient, and Worry-Free!

Puppy and Kitten Counseling: We provide individualized information to assist you in selecting the next member of your family. We will also assist you in acclimating your new baby to the household, help with feeding, sleeping, housetraining, and any other issues you may have with your new pet.

Radiology Services: Our on-site state of the art Digital X-ray and Ultrasound equipment provides high-quality radiographs and scans to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders.

Soft-Tissue Surgery: We routinely perform a variety of elective and non-elective soft-tissue procedures for the management or treatment of a number of different diseases.