We Love Cats So Much That We Go The Extra Mile!

We are a Gold Standard Cat-Friendly Practice

As humans, we take great care in searching for health providers who meet our needs. Now, you can rest assured that as a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice we are expertly suited to address your cat’s unique needs and to provide you with advice and information that is critical to your cat’s health.

Whether it’s a routine checkup or special visit, the staff at Animal Medical Center of Rome is committed to ensuring that cats get the best care possible.

What can you expect from us as a Cat Friendly Practice?

  • Skilled staff that is well versed in feline-friendly handling techniques that can expertly treat frightened cats. We are also well-trained in alternate techniques to calm an anxious cat and ensure that examinations and procedures do not escalate anxiety.
  • Individualized health care plan that adjusts to your cat’s specific needs even as they age. Getting annual and bi-annual wellness examinations can help a condition or disease so it can be treated early on.
  • Our Low-stress environment for our feline patients is key. As a Cat Friendly Practice we pride ourselves in keeping a physical environment that is all about the cat including but not limited to special waiting accommodations, feline-sensitive examination rooms and ward facilities and equipment for cats.